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We are SO happy you are here !  PLEASE take a some time to get to know your new website.   Content for members is available in several different formats. We will have social input so link in to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. (Arkansas OTA)  Like anything, it takes a  bit to get to know how to navigate but, we are sure you will find it easy to use. Thank you for your support. We hope this upgraded site will assist with communication in all areas of the great state of Arkansas!!


     For those who have already joined us on the new AROTA  web-page- again, welcome.  To those visiting for the first time, we want to extend our warmest welcome as you experience the newly designed, fully integrated web-page for the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association.  Our new web-page includes numerous features, including: Easy scheduling for calendar events; Conference sign up; Simple online membership payment processing; Detailed directory search; Group messaging boards; and much more.  

 AROTA has embarked on a mission.  We intend to be an integral part of Arkansas’ occupational therapy community and a valuable resource not only for the exceptional practitioners present, but also for the outstanding students on track to joining the workforce.

  As we continue to develop various components of the website, our plans include continuing education opportunities, resources for practitioners such as reference guides or standardized norm tables, and even a long term goal of offering an AROTA-sponsored OT conference within the state.  We are striving to better serve the OT community, as well as providing meaningful incentives to encourage your continued support for the state association and our mission.

  In an effort to continue the progress of our mission, AROTA board members have voted to increase the dues for all membership types beginning January 1st.  This will not affect any renewing members or new members in the 2018 calendar year; however, new prices will be in effect for individual renewal in 2019.  Increasing dues will provide financial stability and a means to impart change in accordance with our growing vision and mission. In an effort to impose a fair increase, numerous factors were considered. The board carefully researched surrounding states and the applicable fees for state association’s members, while taking into consideration the unique dynamics of Arkansas and its residents.  After consideration, the following membership prices will be instituted January 1st, 2019:

 OT Student:        $20

 OT Assistant:      $55

 OT Therapist:     $75

 While an increase in dues is never desired at an individual level, it is in fact a necessity to insure success for future organizational endeavors as well as to better secure the longevity of this association.  To put this in perspective:

$15 pays the price of a movie ticket + Add in popcorn and a drink and that's another $10. 
(You just paid $25 -$30 for a 2 hour movie, one that probably wasn't that good anyways.)
$15 you could buy a T-shirt sporting some cool, in-style and hip logo
$15 buys a meal at a restaurant (once you eat it, it's gone...)
$15 pays for a pair of sunglasses (let’s be honest… you know you'll just lose them and have to buy them again next summer)
$15 - 15 dollarstore.com (stop buying cheap things you don't need) 
$15 - Something off of iTunes.
$15 - Pizza! (Yum. Of course this is “great” pizza… Not the $5 variety you get for your kids)
$15 - 2 or 3 grande coffees. (You know where from!) 
$15 - 2 visits to a fast food place (Back away from the fries! Mmmmm ....fries....) 

Again, thank you for your continued support.  If there is any way we can continue to improve the AROTA experience, please contact us directly.  We are currently seeking additional board members and committee heads to expand our mission.  Help us continue to cultivate AROTA.


09-08-2018:  Quarter 3 , 2018 Board Meeting will be held At UAMS /NW .   Time:  9:00 til 12:00 pm. The front door will be open only for our meeting.  Everyone park on top parking deck and walk right in.  We will go to Facebook live for the last 15 minutes of the meeting  for questions of those who are unable to attend the public forum portion of meeting.  We invite you to a meet and greet  after the board meeting for everyone to come together and visit. This will be from 1 pm til 3 pm. It will be held at Melissa Foster’s home. See announcement on member's only calendar on Event Calendar for address.. We will offer a CEU opportunity during meet and greet.   Hope to see you there.

05-05-18:  AROTA will be holding a general board meeting . It will be held from 10am-12pm at Arkansas Tech University, Morton Hall Rm 124. The board will meet from 10-11, but members are invited to attend from 11-12 to provide input and ask questions. We will test out Facebook live to try to connect with members unable to come to meeting.   We hope to see you there!

1-30-18 The optum screen for DDTCS and CHMS facilities has been delayed until 3-1-18 in order to allow for more training and to finalize facility schedules. They are looking for 3 more facilities (providers) to go ahead and start the screening process at one of their facilities. Contact DDS for further information.




General Information

Here is the latest from CMS conerning The IRF PPS Addenda along with other supporting documents and tables referenced in this final rule are available on theCMS website at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/​Medicare/​Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/​InpatientRehabFacPPS/​.

 New ACOTE Accreditation Standards Adopted..After an extensive 2 ½-year process, multiple surveys to the communities of interest, and several open hearings, the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE®) has adopted new accreditation standards for doctoral-degree-level occupational therapy programs, master’s-degree-level occupational therapy programs, baccalaureate-degree-level occupational therapy assistant programs, and associate-degree-level occupational therapy assistant programs. The new Standards are available on the ACOTE accreditation section of the AOTA Web site . CLick Here for Direct link to ACOTE website. Programs will be required to comply with the new 2018 Standards by July 31, 2020.In addition, ACOTE voted to allow early implementation of two doctoral-level Standards as programs would like to develop their curricula to reflect the new Standards to better address the needs of their faculty and students and for strategic planning purposes. Specifically,

  1. Allow programs to waive the requirement in 2011 Standard A.3.2 for program applicants to hold a baccalaureate degree or higher prior to admission to the program.
  2. Allow OTD programs to have a 14-week Capstone Experience (2018 Standard D.1.3) versus a 16-week Capstone Experience (2011 Standard C.2.3).

ACOTE will host information sessions on the new Standards at the April 2019 AOTA Annual Conference and Expo in New Orleans. In the spring and fall of 2019, ACOTE will provide regional workshops for interested faculty. The workshops will focus on the changes in the new Standards and strategies that programs could use to ensure compliance

In Arkansas, Occupational Therapy is regulated by the Arkansas State Medical Board. For licensure information, please contact:

1401 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 340
Little Rock, AR 72201-2936
(501) 296-1802

For the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Pratice Act, please visit: 


For the Arkansas OTA change/add supervision form and tracking log, please visit:


Depending upon your practice setting, you may need an NPI (National Provider Identifier). It is free and can be obtained online at:

In order to become a Medicaid Provider in Arkansas, please visit: