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Conference Date: June 21-22, 2024

Location: University of Central Arkansas

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association is to achieve excellence in healthcare by promoting quality occupational therapy services, enhancing professional identity, and providing membership services. The goal of the executive board is to serve its membership by putting into practice new ways to improve communication among members on all occupational therapy issues and increasing the stability of the organization in order to support the mission of the association.

Autism Focused Intervention Resources & Modules (AFIRM)

AFIRM Modules are designed to help you learn the step-by-step process of planning for, using, and monitoring an EBP with learners with autism from birth to 22 years of age. Supplemental materials and handouts are available for download. AFIRM is an extension of the National Professional Development Center (NPDC) on ASD. Access to the learning 

modules and supplemental materials are available to practitioners free of charge. In the spring of 2022, 5 additional modules were added (AAC, Ayres Sensory Integration ®, Behavior Momentum Intervention, Direct Instruction, Music-Mediated Intervention). The modules were developed in partnership with the California Autism Professional Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN) and include a cutting edge, interactive format, as well as opportunities to earn CEUs and CEs. 

Important Updates

Medicare Info for 2023

  • OT Threshold: $2,230
  • Targeted Medical Review Threshold: $3,000
  • Part B Deductible: $226
  • Part A Deductible: $1600

OTA Supervision continues to be allowed via virtual means through the end of 2023 due to the public health emergency.

While we are unaware of any bill to deflect the coming Medicare reductions, we encourage you to contact your legislators to ask for their help.  Even if you are not a clinic owner, these decreases can effect your income as well. We estimate this will impact reimbursement by negative 4%. This on top of the 15% OTA differential that was enacted in 2021 occupational therapy reimbursement has been impacted significantly. The OTA differential also reduced Tricare, Humana, and United Healthcare reimbursement.  For every $100 received from Medicare in 2020, you are now receiving about $81.60 for any care provided by an OTA.  The cost of practicing, just like the cost of living, goes up each year yet reimbursement seems to continually fall.


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