Arkansas OT Association

Advertising Guidelines


*  Please read the advertising policy detailed below; choose the marketing product that best suits your business needs; all advertising must be in agreement with the AROTA content guidelines; confirmation upon receipt of payment by our office (payment due through our online service).

AROTA reserves the right to approve or deny advertising requests, per availability and/or the board’s consideration of the topic relevance to our mission statement.

Please email your information to: [email protected]    They will be in contact with your to help set up your membership. 

             A.  Facebook posts of OT-related community events (ex: open house, free events, or non-profit fundraisers open to the public) are shared upon AROTA approval, for members at no cost.   Continuing Education classes, Fundraising Events, or other Social Media advertising from [OT-related] businesses may be shared on “Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association” Facebook page per the following fee schedule.

  • Purchase 1x posting (images & text provided to AROTA) = $50
  • Purchase a bundle of (3) posts [multiple images / varied text] = $100

            B. AROTA Website - Calendar Events Ads

  • Fee per event [dates, time, location, active links from the calendar event] = $100
  • Event information added to our membership newsletter (email) = $50
    • At this time, the newsletter is published annually

         C. Organizational member- Healthcare related organizations & member companies are also welcome to join us for ($300) with annual benefits                                                            included:


  • Company Representative can attend AROTA meetings (with no voting rights)
  • Logo posted year-long on AROTA website "sponsors" section; 
  • Discounted rates for annual conference marketing packages or booth rental
  • Access (by company rep) to the AROTA member directory online
    •  Members have the choice to opt-out of the directory; no information is made available to the public.
    • Company can post publicly on their (own)website that they are a supporter/backer for AROTA- including usage of AROTA Logo for posting.

  I would like to become a member!  OT ($75) – OTA ($55) – Organization ($300)

 You can register for membership online at .

  • Discount benefits are applied once membership has been verified.




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  I agree to provide the advertising content for use through AROTA media platforms in accordance with state and federal law prohibiting copyright infringement (images, text, logos must be your original work / you must have the permission of the copyright holder for this express purpose). I agree to the conditions whereby AROTA may deny my request for advertising with their media platforms, if they deem such content as outside the scope of occupational therapy professional interests, community awareness of services, or contrary to the AROTA mission statement in any way.  Advertising requests once approved and payment received, are considered final and non-refundable product purchases.  (Sign your name, date, email, phone, and company affiliation if applicable,  (email or print above)