About Us

The Mission of the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association is to achieve excellence in healthcare by promoting quality occupational therapy services, enhancing professional identity, and providing membership services. The goal of the executive board is to serve its membership by putting into practice new ways to improve communication among members on all occupational therapy issues and increasing the stability of the organization in order to support the mission of the association.

The membership of the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association is comprised of licensed therapists, retired therapists and students enrolled in Occupational Therapy educational programs around the state. The growth of our organization depends on the support of its members to help maintain the voice of Occupational Therapy within our state in regards to legislative issues. With membership in the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association, members of our profession have a stable and uniform voice to promote quality occupational therapy services to consumers in our community. The organization depends on the continued support of its membership to achieve its goals, including:

  • updating and maintaining the contents of our website.
  • and providing and sponsoring nationally recognized continuing education courses.
  • Getting our annual AROTA conf back up and running.