Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "Does AROTA approve CEUs?"
Answer: No, for questions regarding CEUs, contact the Arkansas State Medical Board at

Question: "Do the board members of AROTA get paid to serve on the board?"
Answer: No, none of the executive board members receive any monetary compensation for serving. In fact, often times the members must take off work and use personal time off in order to attend meetings that occur during normal work hours.

Question: "Where does the AROTA membership money go?"
Answer: We are very consertaive with our funds. We recently voted and now pay a lobbyist $3,000 per month. We also pay $100 a month for our website after a one time $899 initial set up fee. We pay for an annual P.O. Box, postage for mailings, an accountant fee for tax purposes, expenses for our recent combined conference with UCA and we recently ordered T-shirts to sell. Other than this, we are in savings mode to hopefully have enough money to put on a conference in the spring. We are currently working on a new budget. We have also eliminated some old expenses (office person who was paid monthly and our previous website management company who was quite expensive). When our new budget is completed, it will be made public on the website.

Question: "Do I have to use the OTA supervision log that was provided by the Medical Board?"
Answer: No, you can create your own custom log, but it must contain all the information the board would want if you are audited (note what fields are in the example when creating your own). According to the board, audits of supervision logs will begin this year (2016).

Question: "How many OTAs can an OTR supervise in the state of Arkansas?"
Answer: Neither the practice act nor the regulations state how many OTAs can be supervised by an OTR at this time.

Question: "How many CEUs are we required to get in order to renew our license in Arkansas?"
Answer: 10 per year
For information on acceptable continuing education, please visit:

Question: "If my Associate's Degree in OTA changes to a Bachelor's Degree in the future, do I have to go back to school?"
Answer: No, you would be "grandfathered"

Question: "Do I have to maintain my NBCOT certification after my initial renewal cycle to practice in Arkansas?"
Answer: No, after your initial certification you do not have to renew your NBCOT certification in order to practice in Arkansas, but some employers and funding sources may require it. In order to be a Medicaid provider in Arkansas, you must maintain NBCOT Certification. Provider enrollment criteria can be found at

Question: "Why is my address visible in the member directory and other member addresses are hidden?"
Answer: When you originally joined using the old system, there was a question asking if you wanted your information to be visible in our member directory. Those who answered, "No" have hidden addresses. The Member Directory is only visible to members of AROTA and is located in the Member Area. You may update your profile at any time using the Member Information Editor located in the Member Area.

Question: "How do I calculate contact hours and CEUs into PDUs?"
Answer: NBCOT has an online calculator that will convert contact hours or CEUs into PDUs. It can be viewed at